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Eat, Fast and Live Longer. A 5-2 Fast Diet Recipe Idea Under 100 Calories. Roasted Green Chilli Sauce. Poblano Style.

My most successful fast days are those where I have something delicious to look forward to on my dinner plate. A reward for sticking to the program throughout the day and not giving in to a passing parade of food … Continue reading

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From The Asian Herb Garden. Malaysian Beef And Potato Curry.

This Sunday heralds the beginning of winter. Hard to fathom with our warm weather and blue sunny skies. It’s still t-shirt weather, our winter coats are hanging in the very back of our cupboards waiting for that elusive cold snap. … Continue reading

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Eat, Fast and Live Longer. A 5-2 Fast Day Recipe Idea Under 200 Calories. Som Tam. Thai Green Papaya Salad.

Last week I was lucky enough to visit the Paddington Community Garden. Tucked away behind Trumper Park and The Palms Tennis Centre, it’s a thriving oasis of individual and communal plots producing an enviable array of organic fruits, vegetables and … Continue reading

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Bright And Fragrant Autumn Flavours. Pot Roasted Lemon Chicken With Rosemary And Chilli.

As our long Indian Summer segues into Autumn temperatures are finally slowly and hopefully beginning to drop. We’re growing weary of our stir fries, barbecues and salads and looking forward to more substantial comforting fare. Long slow simmered pasta sauces, … Continue reading

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Fish On Fridays. Prawn Bruschetta With Chilli, Ginger And Garlic.

I’ve been making this delicious bruschetta for over a decade. The star of this meal? Plump, juicy tiger prawns doused in plenty of chilli, garlic and ginger. It’s a Jamie Oliver recipe from one of his earlier cookbooks Happy Days … Continue reading

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Fish On Fridays. Spicy Thai Style Fish Cakes. Served With Nam Jim Dipping Sauce And A Cucumber And Bean Sprout Salad

The first Friday of Lent. The perfect excuse to post a fish recipe. Growing up in a Catholic household my mother made sure we always observed the no meat on Friday rule, taking the opportunity to serve up fish for … Continue reading

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Crisp, Golden and Flaky. Zucchini Tart With Chilli, Lemon, Mint And Feta.

Not so long ago my favourite local patisserie closed down leaving me with a new dilemma. Where to source  puff pastry for my home-made tarts and sausage rolls. Many years ago I accidentally discovered (whilst unashamedly  eavesdropping on another customer’s … Continue reading

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The Summer Edition. Barbecued Ribs, Two Ways. Rack or Belly. With Dara’s Asian Inspired Marinade

Our son’s all time favourite meals is ribs. Caveman style. Huge meaty racks of them, covered in a sticky marinade, braised in the oven until soft and tender, and finished on the barbecue until nicely charred and lightly caramelised. As … Continue reading

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The Summer Edition. Sunshine And Happiness On A Stick. Sweet And Spicy Mango, Lime And Chilli Paletas.

Mango season is well and truly in full swing over our Christmas and New Year period. Lusciously ripe and abundant we have been buying mangoes by the tray, and storing them on the bottom shelf of the fridge, ready to … Continue reading

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A Gift That Keeps On Giving. From The Eveleigh Farmer’s Market. My Hessian Herb Garden.

Last Saturday, free of my children’s sporting commitments, I spent all morning, (and a good part of the early afternoon) browsing the fabulous Eveleigh Farmer’s Market and surrounding cafes and antique stores. An all time favourite  activity that sadly has … Continue reading

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