My Favourite Recipes


I’m in the process of indexing all the recipes in my posts. A task that is just a little more time consuming than I first thought. Hopefully when done it will provide a useful reference for my site. These days I constantly find myself referring to my blog for the particular details of my recipes. So much easier than foraging through my kitchen drawer, which seems to have become a very untidy filing cabinet for recipes torn out of newspapers and magazines.

Since I first started this task in February I have changed the format a little. I have managed to figure out how to use the gallery feature and have set up an image carousel that links images of the recipes back to their original posts. Under the gallery for each recipe category page I have also included an alphabetic post listing. Now you know why this process is so slow and sad to say still not complete.

Hopefully you will find this useful. So far I have indexed eight categories:


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