The Paddington Foodie in Japan


Over the December 2012/January 2013 holidays we visited Niseko in Hokkaido, Japan for a ski holiday. The powder was awesome and the food absolutely amazing. While we were away I documented some of our wonderful food related experiences. I have catalogued them here on this page. We are back in Sydney now, and every day some-one contacts me asking about our holiday. Most common questions? What is the resort like? What about the food? So… here are my holiday posts. All in one place.

We also stopped over in Tokyo on our way home.  So far I have only had time to touch briefly on that visit. Over the next few weeks I hope to be able to update my blog with more posts from the Tokyo leg of our trip.

For anyone contemplating a visit to Hokkaido, it truly is a magical place. I hope these posts give you a small taste of what to expect. Click on the photos or links below to access the original posts.

Ohayo Gozaimasu. The Paddington Foodie in Japan.
Rainy Day Ramen. Hirafu, Village.
The Ultimate Japanese Convenience Food. Gyoza.
Fun Facts About Hokkaido. Including Three Regional Specialities.
Dinner at A-Bu-Cha. Sukiyaki. Traditional Japanese Beef Hot Pot.
A Taste of Niseko. By Anthony Bourdain.
A Taste of the Sea. Ezo Seafood and Oyster Bar. Hirafu, Niseko.
One Way to Work Off Those Christmas – New Year Overindulgences. Climb the Peak. Mount Annupuri, Niseko.
An Alpine Dinner. Swiss Fondue. Niseko Style.
Ringing the Happy Bell. My 100th Post.
Boyoso. An Authentic Japanese Lunch. On Piste. Soba Noodles With Broth and a Tempura Prawn.
Kampai! Sake and Shochu. Izakaya Raku 楽 .
French Galettes and Crepes. The Niseko Supply Company at Odin. 
King Crab Kane Ramen. Hanazono 308.
Snow and Seafood. Sushi and Tempura at Shokusai Hirafu.
Don’t Leave Niseko Without… A Visit To The Onsen.
Tokyo. A Fruitful Search for Yuzu. Japanese Citron. Tart. Bitter. Absolutely Delicious.
Chanko-Nabe at Ryogoku Kokugikan Stadium. The Food of Sumo Champions.
Channelling Maisen. Pork Tonkatsu At Home
On My Door Step. Fresh Yuzu Juice. Let’s Drink To That. With a Yuzu Mojito.

8 Responses to The Paddington Foodie in Japan

  1. This just made me miss Japan (& the food there) so much! You have lots of great photos, too. 🙂

  2. Jo says:

    I have a hankering for om rice, and I know that your recipe will be lovely. Is there any chance you could wip one up for me? And let me know what you did?

  3. misha says:

    oh man, you hit up hokkaido? that was a great choice, i think they have some of the best food in japan. you have got to love that fresh seafood. although, i hope you had some jingis kan while you were there, that is my favorite.

    love your blog, the photographs are great the casual writing style makes me want to keep reading.

    • Thanks Misha. Sadly we won’t be visiting Hokkaido next ski season but I am hoping to get there for the summer. I am told there are some fabulous foodie haunts to visit that are too hard to get to in the winter months. I love Japan and yes we do love the genghis khan. So many delicious food choices.

  4. Deborah says:

    I have a question about your “PERFECTLY SMOOTH AND CREAMY FUDGE” RECIPE. I’m in the States, so I need some clarification on the chocolate. When you say, “Dark Chocolate”, do you mean totally unsweetened chocolate or 70% Cacao chocolate bar.

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