King Crab Kane Ramen. Hanazono 308.

Hanazono Kane Ramen

It was a cold blustery day today. Lots of fresh powder snow. I’m beginning to think it’s never going to stop snowing these holidays. Last year the locals told us it was the best season the resort has had in 50 years. Judging by the build-up of snow in the village and the frenetic snow clearing activity I think this season is going to surpass them all.

Today we headed out later than usual to Hanazono 308 for their regional specialty. King Crab Ramen. Also known as Kane Ramen in Japanese. Our theory was that the weather would clear later in the day and we would get some blue sky skiing. At least that has seemed to be the pattern over the last five days or so. How wrong we were. No amount of ringing of the Hanazono Happy Bells was going to improve the weather situation this afternoon. I think if anything, the reverse is true, it just brought more snow. And less visibility.

Hanazono Happy Bell Ringing

A steaming fragrant  family sized bowl of king crab ramen was  exactly what we  needed to thaw out this afternoon. Ramen noodles are wheat noodles that are commonly served in a soy based broth. In Hokkaido, however, a hearty miso broth is popular. When you place an order for ramen at Hanazono 308 the chef will ask ‘soyu or miso?’

Except for the Kane Ramen from Hanazono Menu 1. This is always served with a miso based broth. Ramen noodles, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts and thinly sliced spring onions are piled into a bowl of miso soup. Hot steamed kane or king crab claws arranged artfully on top. With little dishes of minced garlic and chilli served on the side. This is one dish every visitor to Niseko should try. At least once. I promise it is so delicious you will ski over  to Hanazono again and again.

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  1. King Crab Ramen that is something new and looks yummy to …

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    I love your blog. 🙂 Your recipes always make me hungry. 🙂

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