A Taste of Niseko. By Anthony Bourdain.

After two days of snowstorms and limited visibility we had a glorious blue sky day today. Perfect for powder skiing. So we hit the slopes early and skied all over the resort from Hanazono to Annapuri. I have some wonderful photos to share with you when I get the time and the weather doesn’t play havoc with my internet connection.

Yesterday I came across something else very special to share.  A  youtube  clip showcasing Niseko’s fabled powder snow and two of Hokkaido’s food specialities. Yakitori and soba. Courtesy of American chef, author and television personality Anthony Bourdain.  In February 2011 Anthony and his No Reservations crew visited Japan  just weeks before the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

If you love skiing and Japanese food take a look at the video. Then you will understand why we keep returning to Niseko. Year in. Year out. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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  1. pipster says:

    Happy New Year to the family. Stop posting. you are making me jealous. My consolation is that Lyndey Milan was here in the Snowy Mountains a couple of weeks ago filming for her new series at Wildbrumby Distillery – my favourite place to eat and visit in the Aussie mountains. And our Blackberry bush is overflowing and will be ready to pikc in a few days. Enjoy the powder and have a sake and ramen soup for me! And a ski down Jumbo – my favorite. See you at training soon and bring lots of pics. xx

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