The Summer Edition. Sunshine And Happiness On A Stick. Sweet And Spicy Mango, Lime And Chilli Paletas.

Mango season is well and truly in full swing over our Christmas and New Year period. Lusciously ripe and abundant we have been buying mangoes by the tray, and storing them on the bottom shelf of the fridge, ready to eat at a moment’s notice. Sweet and juicy, they’re incredibly refreshing on a hot summer’s day but so very messy to eat. Just try eating one without juice dribbling all over your hands and down your arms. Perhaps that’s why some people swear the best place to eat a mango is in the pool or by the water.

I sometimes think its such a pity that mango and cherry season coincides with our Christmas celebrations when there is so much competing deliciousness on offer. Each year it’s the same story. Every last centimetre of fridge space is crammed full with all manner of appetising titbits,  catering  to even the fussiest palates. When the whirlwind of festivities stops, there are rather a lot of leftovers to contend with, in a short space of time, before we slide into summer holiday mode.

What to do with that very last tray of mangoes languishing on the bottom shelf before   departing for your holidays? My latest obsession is to transform them into Sweet and Spicy Mango, Lime and Chili Paletas. I’ve written about these frozen Mexican ices before in one of my earliest posts Hola. Mad About Paletas. The secret is out. These treats  are a wonderfully delicious way to use up all manner of seasonal fruit. Indeed the riper the fruit, the sweeter and more addictive the paleta. The process is so very easy to master.. So  much so we’ve tried all manner of flavour combinations; strawberry and balsamic, roasted banana, raspberry and hibiscus tea, and a 5-2 fast day version watermelon and mint.  Mango, chilli  and lime may sound like a rather strange combination, vaguely reminiscent of a salsa, but it works. All sunshine and happiness on a stick.

Sweet and Spicy Mango, Lime and Chili Paletas
Makes 8 – 10 ices

If you don’t have conventional paleta moulds  improvise and use small disposable cups or shot glasses.

1/2 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 long red chilli, split in half and de seeded
4 (about 3 cups) mangoes, diced
juice and finely grated zest of 1 lime
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon crushed red chillies

MAKE a simple syrup by combining the sugar and water in a small saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring  until the sugar dissolves.
ADD the long red chilli and simmer over low heat for five minutes. Take the saucepan off the heat and pour the syrup into a glass jar.
REFRIGERATE  until cool. Remove the chilli. Strain mixture through a fine sieve  before using.
FINELY dice one cup of mango and set aside.
PUREE the remaining mango with the  chilli infused simple syrup, salt, lime zest and juice in a blender until smooth.
STIR through the crushed red chillies and finely diced mango.
DIVIDE the mixture among the paleta moulds, remembering to leave up to a one centimetre buffer from the top of the moulds for expansion.
SNAP on the lids and freeze until mixture begins to set around edges, about 45–60 minutes. Insert sticks and freeze until solid, about 4 – 5 hours.
JUST before serving dip the moulds briefly in hot water to release the paletas.

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15 Responses to The Summer Edition. Sunshine And Happiness On A Stick. Sweet And Spicy Mango, Lime And Chilli Paletas.

  1. I love how you described the mangos…your words and photos are amazing as usual. I think this is one of those recipes I’ll be using quite a bit when it turns summer here in the southern part of the US. Have you tried these with cherries too? I cannot wait until cherry season hits!

    Thank you for sharing your recipe. I plan to try these when all of that gorgeous summer fruit comes into season. 🙂

    Have a very happy new year!

    • Thanks Allison. We are gorging on summer fruit at the moment. The peaches and nectarines have just started so we’re spoilt for choice. We’re on a road trip visiting family and friends, and there are road side stalls selling gorgeous fruit by the tray. Will be traveling through Young, the cherry capital of Australia, in a few days time, so will be sure to pick up a box of late harvest cherries. I do know that paletas can be made from pitted cherries, lightly simmered in a sugar syrup which is then puréed. Will definitely be on my to do list.

  2. Laura says:

    I adore mangos! I’ve been relying on frozen mangos since they aren’t in season for us right now and too expensive for me to purchase fresh!

    • The mango season always seems too fast and furious, and it”s always a race to use up the trays in peak seasowherefore the mangoes spoil in the heat. We use frozen when the price starts to spike, they’re just as delicious in these paletas.

  3. A fabulous post. I love the idea of a frozen treat with chili’s and mango! Doesn’t matter it is winter here I would love to make a batch of these and I know my family would love them too.

  4. Oooooo…yes! Those sound amazing! Although it is freakin’ freezing where I am at, I wouldn’t mind, spicy-sweet-tangy!

    • We’re in the middle of a heart wave so these hit the spot perfectly. It’s almost too hot to eat anything but fruit and salad. Something, to try next summer Nonee. They’re worth the wait.

  5. lefoodsnob says:

    At first I thought the puréed mango mixture was a glazed donut (over the idea of a mango-glazed donut I was drooling). Then I realized one of these things (mango glazed donut) was not like the other. I agree. Mango is so messy (but worth it) to eat! Love these paletas!

  6. Rörschåch says:

    Love this. Sometimes I wish our Christmas season was in the summer. So many delicious foods to eat in season. Happy New Year!

  7. ohlidia says:

    Those look fab! I recall browsing through various paletas cookbooks last summer but never got around to making them. There’s always next summer! Happy New Year!

  8. Wow, these look great, would love to have one in my hand right now!!

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