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Seafood Sunday. Barbecued Whole Snapper With Coriander, Chilli And Lime.

We may well and truly be in the midst of Autumn here in Sydney, but the weather is still hot and humid as we languish through a seemingly endless Indian summer. In our busy household, lazy unscheduled Sundays are a … Continue reading

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Vietnamese Street Food. Pork Belly Banh Mi With Crackling.

Mention Vietnamese street food and I immediately think of pork banh mi. The ultimate sandwich. A freshly baked crusty baguette roll filled to bursting with roast pork and pate and generous handfuls of carefully chosen accompaniments; pickled carrot, cucumber ribbons, … Continue reading

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Eat, Fast and Live Longer. A 5-2 Fast Diet Recipe Idea Under 400 Calories. Brunch Bruschetta With Soft Poached Egg and Avocado Salsa

It has been quite a while since I posted a fast day breakfast or brunch idea. Usually I prefer to save the majority of my calories for a substantial dinner, but every now and then I vary the routine and … Continue reading

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Eating Your Winter Greens. Indian Spiced Cauliflower Fritters.

What’s thriving in the winter vegetable garden? Cauliflower. Gorgeous creamy heads by the wheelbarrow load. Here’s an interesting bit of trivia. Cauliflower heads, technically known as curds, consist of intricate whorls of tiny flower buds.  The heavy green leaves that … Continue reading

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Luscious And Fragrant. The First Mangoes Of The Season. Fresh Mango Salsa With Lime, Chilli and Spring Onion.

Mango season has well and truly arrived here in Australia. Starting early with the first tray of mangoes for the 2013 season selling for $30,000 at a charity auction at the Sydney Markets in September. That’s a whopping $2,500 per … Continue reading

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The 5-2 Challenge. An Asian Inspired Pork Larb Salad With Ground Toasted Rice.

Larb is a minced meat salad popular in Thailand, and is widely regarded as the national dish of its neighbouring country, Laos. Most commonly made with pork, chicken or beef. Seasoned with lime, chilli, fish sauce, ground toasted rice and … Continue reading

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The 5-2 Challenge. Fresh, Delicious and Vibrant. A Fast Day Guacamole With Crushed Spring Peas.

I love guacamole and have been preparing it for years. Most times I vary the recipe to accommodate what is readily available at the market and in my herb garden. With avocado season in full swing my fruit bowl is … Continue reading

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Pleasing the Teenagers. Oven Baked Beef Curry Puffs With Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce.

Our weekends are always  busy during term time. With sport, sport and more sport. Which means my teenagers are always ravenously hungry and on the constant lookout for something to eat. Curry puffs hit the mark perfectly. A welcome, more … Continue reading

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Simple and Delicious. Chorizo, Capsicum and Tomato Pasta. Dressed with Lemon and Coriander.

This is what I cook when I don’t know what to cook. A simple and delicious fall back option. Another firm, family favourite. It incorporates the holy trinty of spicy chorizo, capsicum and chillies simmered in a tomato sauce.  I … Continue reading

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What’s for Breakfast? Sweetcorn Fritters With Roast Tomato.

This time when we returned from Canberra the boot of our car  was filled with plums, tomatoes, sweetcorn, spinach, sweet basil, capsicum, cucumbers and zucchini. All freshly picked from my father’s garden. And two enormous bunches of hydrangea in hues … Continue reading

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