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The Ultimate Comfort Food. Inspired by Curtis Stone. Individual Mac And Cheese With Panko Crumb.

I have a confession to make. Until last week I had never made macaroni and cheese. Not ever. Perhaps because the go to pasta dish in our house has always been pasticcio; a deliciously molten mass of baked pasta, bolognaise, … Continue reading

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Eat, Fast and Live Longer. A 5-2 Fast Diet Recipe Idea Under 200 Calories. Hearty Minestrone Soup With Bacon And Pasta

Another Monday. Another fast day. With the definite arrival of  cooler weather I’m settling into a rather  easy pattern of putting  soup on the dinner table on Monday nights. Wholesome, warm and nourishing,  nothing beats making an enormous pot of … Continue reading

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Made From Simple Pantry Items. No Cook Pasta Sauce. Penne With Tuna Rocket and Lemon

This recipe is from my arsenal of what to put on the table for dinner when time is short and everyone is very, very hungry. For those incredibly busy days when my schedule progressively backs up into a colliding, ever-expanding … Continue reading

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Eat, Fast Live Longer. 5-2 Fast Day Recipe Idea Under 350 Calories. Toasted Fregola Salad With Hot-Smoked Salmon, Asparagus, Pine Nuts and Mint.

On my last visit to Little Italy in Five Dock I was fortunate to pick up a packet of Fregola Tostada. A regional artisan pasta native to Sardinia. Traditionally made by hand, coarse semolina is combined with water and rubbed … Continue reading

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Waste Not. Want Not. From An Italian Mama’s Kitchen. Pasta With Broccoli, Pancetta, Chilli And Garlic.

With three teenagers I always seem to be in the car. Driving them to one or another of their sport or extracurricular commitments. More often than not I’m stuck in traffic. Listening to the radio. The other day I happened … Continue reading

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Pasta Making At Home. An Easy Cheat. Wonton Wrapper Ravioli Filled With Ricotta.

Ricotta ravioli are always are very special treat at our house. Soft pillows of lemon scented ricotta and parmesan cheese encased in silky smooth pasta. Traditionally made from scratch with long sheets of homemade pasta they can be time consuming … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Dinner. Family Food. Italian Meatballs With Ricotta and Parmesan Cheese and a Rich Tomato Sauce.

Sunday night dinner after a busy weekend. Is there anything more comforting than meatballs in a rich tomato sauce? Perfect family food for a cold winter’s night. Our favourite meatball recipe features ricotta and parmesan cheese. The result? Meltingly soft … Continue reading

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A Pasta Bake. With a Difference. Roast Pumpkin and Ricotta Rotolo with a Sage Burnt Butter Sauce.

I had started the day thinking I would make ravioli filled with roast pumpkin and ricotta. Somehow my day began to back up on itself and before long it was mid-afternoon. The pumpkin was roasted  but I hadn’t even started … Continue reading

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A Big Beautiful Bowl of Pasta. Authentic. Unadulterated. Fettuccine Alla Carbonara.

In my books nothing beats a big, beautiful bowl of pasta. Midweek I like to use up the contents of my fridge. This week I was in luck. On hand following my weekend deli splurge? Egg fettuccine, pancetta and  parmigiano-reggiano. … Continue reading

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The Flavours of Autumn. Ricotta Gnocchi. Two Ways. With A Fresh Vine Ripened Cherry Tomato Sauce And Basil Pesto.

My family adores home-made gnocchi. Traditionally made with potato, they can be a little time-consuming to make. Here is a very fast and easy recipe for times when you might be  craving a gnocchi fix but are time poor. These might look … Continue reading

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