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Eat, Fast and Live Longer. A 5-2 Fast Diet Recipe Idea Under 100 Calories. Orange Scented Double Cacao Hazelnut Bliss Bombs.

Normally I would never post a recipe for something sweet on a 5-2 fast day. With a daily intake of only 500 calories, every morsel that passes my lips is carefully calorie counted with a very firm emphasis on wholesome … Continue reading

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A Classic Combination. Chocolate And Orange Jaffa Brownie.

We can never go past a good brownie recipe in our house. So, not unsurprisingly,  perusing the weekend  paper last Sunday morning Frank Camorra’s recipe for Jaffa Brownie jumped out at me. My attention caught by the intriguing addition of … Continue reading

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Slow Food. Neil Perry’s Chinese-Style Braised Beef Ribs.

For a fleeting moment I was tempted to title this post ‘More Weekend Dude Food’, this recipe for Chinese Style Braised Beef Ribs torn from last Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald  by my very own resident dude.  With my son home … Continue reading

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The 5-2 Challenge. Layering Flavours. Spiced Pumpkin, Orange and Ginger Soup With Gremolata Crumbs

What to eat when you are ravenously hungry on a cold and blustery fast day? Soup. More specifically a non dairy, homemade vegetable based soup. Incredibly low in calories, warming and more importantly filling. Today’s offering? A  Spiced Pumpkin, Orange … Continue reading

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A Lazy Sunday Night Dessert. Orange Scented Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding

This much loved chocolate pudding is so easy it’s child’s play. Perfect for a chilly evening when you’re craving a quick chocolate fix but really can’t be bothered to go to much effort at all. Rich, chocolate-y and lush it’s … Continue reading

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Our Last Shrove Tuesday Hurrah. Crêpes With a Simple Orange and Brown Sugar Sauce.

I love crêpes but since Shrove Tuesday last week  I feel as if I have flipped and tossed enough galettes and crêpes to last me a life time. Not that my family was complaining. I have since retired my trusty crêpe pan to … Continue reading

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The Perfect Post Christmas Panacea. Turkish Apple Tea with Raspberries, Hibiscus, Lemon and Mint.

Feeling a little fragile this morning. After a full day of festive feasting. We had a wet, dreary, rainy Christmas Day but hardly noticed. Our theme courtesy of the gorgeous Cate. White and bright. Joyous and uplifting. Today we woke … Continue reading

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Wrapped for Christmas. Festive Little Fruitcakes with Chocolate and Kahlua

The countdown is on to the end of the school term. Three days to go before the long summer holidays  begin. This weekend was my last chance to get all those little end of year gifts organised. Somehow, despite the … Continue reading

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Little Miss Sunshine. Flourless Orange and Almond Torte with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting, Turkish Delight, Pistachio and Rose Petals.

This joyful cake is inspired by Alla Wolf-Tasker’s flourless orange cake at the wonderful Wombat Hill House Cafe in Daylesford, Victoria. I remember being thoroughly mesmerised by the breathtaking prettiness of a slice of that particular cake. So much so I … Continue reading

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Slow Roasted Beef Short Ribs with Orange, Star Anise and Cinnamon. Chinese Style

I think of Slow Roasted Beef Ribs and two words spring to mind. Rich and unctuous. This is a gorgeous dish. Meltingly rich, flavoursome beef perfumed with orange, cinnamon and star anise. And so easy to prepare. Sear the ribs … Continue reading

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