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Fool-Proof. A Light and Airy Fat-Free Chocolate Sponge.

Before I delve any further into this post, there is an important disclaimer I need to make. Fat free refers to the contents of my chocolate sponge, most definitely not the filling. Knowing there is no butter in the sponge … Continue reading

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Dressed To Impress. Chocolate Layer Cake With Whipped Cream, Cherry Jam and Ganache.

Everyone has a favourite chocolate cake. At our house it’s a moist, decadently rich and chocolate-y ‘volcano’ cake. A melt and mix recipe with an unusual twist. So named to reflect the alchemy created when bicarbonate of soda added to … Continue reading

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Simple Cheese Making At Home. Thick, Luscious And Creamy Mascarpone.

Mascarpone. Word associations. Triple Creme. Luxurious. Expensive. Italy’s answer to creme fraiche. Thick, luscious and creamy. Slightly sour with a wonderful palate cleansing tang. Celebrations. Cannoli and tiramisu. Lazy holiday brunch. Peaches and cream. Sweet summer berry tarts. Savoury mushroom … Continue reading

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Lazy Holiday Baking. Blueberry And Lemonade Cream Scones.

In our house school holidays are synonymous with road trips. Taking the road less well travelled. Meandering through country towns, unearthing all manner of bric a brac at antique stores before stopping for an inevitable Devonshire tea of freshly baked … Continue reading

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Inspired By Black Star Pastry. Pistachio Dacquoise With Rose Water Infused Watermelon, Berries And Marscapone Cream.

Today’s post continues with my watermelon theme. A couple of weeks ago my very good friend Susan introduced me Black Star Pastry’s magnificent Watermelon Cake. A light as air layered confection of almond dacquoise and rosewater infused berries, watermelon and … Continue reading

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Rich And Decadent. Salted Vanilla Fudge Shortbread Squares.

  There’s a serious battle being played out in our kitchen at the moment between the much loved, often requested, traditional chocolate caramel slice and a new contender; a very modern salted vanilla fudge shortbread square. Having baked just one … Continue reading

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Inspired By Wimbledon. Individual Strawberry Shortcakes With Creme Fraiche

  I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with Wimbledon. The oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. Hosted each year by the All England Lawn Tennis Club. So deep is my obsession that  I have just … Continue reading

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Perfectly Smooth And Creamy Fudge. The Old Fashioned Way. Just Like Grandma Used To Make.

Lately I have been delving deep into my kitchen drawer and resurrecting recipes for old fashioned treats. The sort your grandma might have made.  Some crawled on scraps of paper, others  ripped  from the pages of newspapers and magazines. Earmarked … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Dinner. Delicious And Deeply Satisfying. Slow Baked Potato Gratin.

Sunday night dinner at home.  A delicious and deeply satisfying slow baked potato gratin served with a side salad. A firm family favourite. Lush and creamy on the inside with a burnished golden crust. Best of all, after just a … Continue reading

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Old Fashioned Baking. Light and Delicate. Vanilla Butterfly Cakes With Strawberries and Cream.

I love old fashioned baking recipes. Uncomplicated. Down to earth. Practical. Using nothing more than basic pantry ingredients. This cupcake recipe is a staple in our house. A birthday party and afternoon tea treat resurrected from my childhood. Light. Delicate. Buttery. … Continue reading

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