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Retro Baking. Reinventing an Australian Classic. Wagon Wheel Slice.

I’ve always had a huge soft spot for wagon wheels. Sadly those huge chocolate-y jammy biscuity discs so nostalgically and iconically reminiscent of many an Australian childhood seem to have shrunk in size. They were my all time favourite treat … Continue reading

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More Old Fashioned Baking. Inspired By The Edmonds Cookbook. Ginger Crunch.

It seems like an age since I made Ginger Crunch. Another old-fashioned childhood slice, reminiscent of cake stalls, school fetes and fund raising drives. Utterly addictive,  this very simple slice combines a short, crisp and crunchy (almost shattering) biscuit base … Continue reading

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A Nanna Moment. Old-Fashioned Apple And Cinnamon Tea Cake.

There’s a definite sense of comforting nostalgia associated with delving deep into my bottom kitchen drawer to retrieve a long forgotten favourite recipe. A trip down memory lane, resurrecting recipes for good old fashioned treats. The sort our nannas might have … Continue reading

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Delving Deep Into My Kitchen Drawer. Nostalgic Baking. Chinese Chews.

Every now and then I take a trip down memory lane and delve through a pile of tattered, half forgotten recipes relegated for safe keeping deep in my kitchen drawer. It’s a pleasant way to spend a lazy afternoon. So … Continue reading

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Perfectly Smooth And Creamy Fudge. The Old Fashioned Way. Just Like Grandma Used To Make.

Lately I have been delving deep into my kitchen drawer and resurrecting recipes for old fashioned treats. The sort your grandma might have made.  Some crawled on scraps of paper, others  ripped  from the pages of newspapers and magazines. Earmarked … Continue reading

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