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Ready For The Holidays. A Lively And Refreshing Italian Aperitivo. Aperol Spritz.

Today, as we slip into holiday mode, I’m keeping my post short and sweet, sharing with you a recipe for a celebratory drink. Last weekend I was reintroduced to the wonderful Italian aperitivo, Aperol, a refreshing old-school infusion of  orange, … Continue reading

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Eat, Fast and Live Longer. Surviving The Christmas Party Circuit On The 5-2 Fast Diet. Choose Drinks Wisely. Cranberry Vodka On Ice.

Tis the season to be jolly. This weekend well and truly marked the beginning of the Christmas party circuit. Filled with bonhomie and good cheer.  More often than not over a glass of something deliciously sparkling. This year, with the … Continue reading

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What To Drink As The Temperature Soars? A Grown up Gin And Tonic Slushie.

Gin and tonic has always been my cocktail of choice. Particularly so on a hot and balmy night. Today in Sydney the temperatures soared to an unseasonally warm 37 C. Definitely time for a refreshing Bombay Sapphire with tonic and … Continue reading

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A Trip Down Memory Lane. Australian Milk Bar Red Back Spiders. Vanilla Ice Cream, Raspberry Coulis And Coca Cola.

Remembering  the good old  Aussie Milk Bar. The cornerstone of any self respecting city suburb or country town. Mixed businesses usually run by Greek or Italian immigrants. Friendly, communal places where you could pick up the newspaper, a bottle of … Continue reading

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On My Door Step. Fresh Yuzu Juice. Let’s Drink To That. With a Yuzu Mojito.

Who would have thought. After spending a considerable amount of time in Tokyo searching for yuzu I arrive home and there it is. Bottled fresh yuzu juice concentrate. At one of my favourite purveyors Simon Johnson. The Woollahra store is … Continue reading

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Tokyo. A Fruitful Search for Yuzu. Japanese Citron. Tart. Bitter. Absolutely Delicious.

I  adore yuzu. A Japanese citrus fruit. Tart and bitter, citrus-like, tangy and fresh. All at the same time. It looks like a bumpy skinned lemon but tastes like a tantalising, almost indescribable hybrid of grapefruit, mandarin and lime.  Wonderfully unique and incredibly … Continue reading

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Kampai! Sake and Shochu. Izakaya Raku 楽 .

A stone’s throw from our accommodation is a very cosy izakaya. Raku . In Japanese its kanji symbol 楽 means easy, comfortable and cosy. It’s also the kanji that you see in the word tanoshii 楽しい which means fun and ongaku … Continue reading

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The Perfect Post Christmas Panacea. Turkish Apple Tea with Raspberries, Hibiscus, Lemon and Mint.

Feeling a little fragile this morning. After a full day of festive feasting. We had a wet, dreary, rainy Christmas Day but hardly noticed. Our theme courtesy of the gorgeous Cate. White and bright. Joyous and uplifting. Today we woke … Continue reading

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Summer in the City. Breakfast Smoothies with Fresh Fruit and Greek Yoghurt.

Its December First.  Hello Summer.  Another hot, humid, sticky day. We woke to a summer rain storm. Today’s headline in the Sydney Morning Herald reads “Summer in the City…and its Hot, Hot, Hot”.  Somehow I don’t think its going to … Continue reading

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Balmy Summer Nights. Limoncello, Bombay Sapphire Gin and Basil Cooler.

Another balmy night. One more day to go before the official start of summer. Let’s drink to that. Chill out and cool off with this very refreshing cocktail of gin, limoncello and basil. Build in a glass or better still … Continue reading

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