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My Sweet Valentine. Mini Chocolate Bundt Bombes Alaska

Just in time for Valentine’s Day this weekend. A sweet treat. Mini chocolate Bundt Bombes Alaska. Inspired by a sticking bundt tin baking disaster. I well remember being taught as a child to always grease and flour a baking tin. … Continue reading

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Celebrating Australia Day. Pavlova Roulade With Lemon Curd, Peaches, Raspberries And Coconut.

My lemon tree is bearing fruit this summer. Consistently. At last. Perhaps because in spite of my decidedly non green thumb I’ve remembered to water it. Almost every  day. The perfect excuse to make lemon curd. My way. One lemon … Continue reading

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A Cooling Taste Of Christmas. Raspberry Yoghurt Semifreddo With Gingerbread Crumbs

I know its almost Christmas when bags of Pfeffernüsse start appearing in supermarkets and delicatessens. I’ve always had a huge soft spot for these delicious little German “pepper nut” cookies. Full of a heady mix of honey, molasses and ground spices; nutmeg, cardamom, anise, … Continue reading

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The 5-2 Challenge. Fast, Healthy and Wholesome. Raspberry and Banana Smoothies.

Last week I embarked on just one full fast day instead of my usual two. Railroaded by an attempt to bake my husband’s rather decadent chocolate birthday torte on fast day number two. My usual fast day eating plan was … Continue reading

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Child’s Play. Easter Eggs Filled With Raspberry Marshmallow and Dusted with Sherbet.

Another day. Another take on store-bought Easter eggs. These gorgeous chocolate eggs caught my eye at the supermarket. So pretty. Perfect to be decapitated using my new-found serrated knife skills and filled with something special. A couple of Friday nights … Continue reading

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