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Festive Baking. Lemon Gingerbread Stained Glass Heart Cookies

Mmm. Gingerbread. I like my gingerbread loaded with spices and scented with lemon. Each Christmas the girls and I design and bake a Gingerbread House. Madness I know. Its a tradition we started when they were little and shows no … Continue reading

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Fabulous Foodie Bijoux Gifts. Idea No 1. Dolci Sapori Confetti. Sugared Almonds With A Twist

One more week to go until December. The Silly Season. Frivolous and fun. End of year celebrations go hand in hand with thank yous and tokens of appreciation. Gift giving shouldn’t be a chore. I’m on the look out for what I like to … Continue reading

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Nigella’s Sweet and Salty Crunch Nut Bars with Homemade Honeycomb.

My girlfriend Amanda introduced me to this concoction earlier this year. Its rich and sinful and requires no effort at all. Melt, mix and pour into a pan to set. Pure Nigella Lawson. The original recipe calls for Crunchie bars, … Continue reading

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It’s The Shatter That Matters. Old-Fashioned Homemade Honey Comb.

Remember the tag line for Hoadley’s Violet Crumble – it’s the shatter that matters? Growing up I adored Violet Crumble – tooth achingly sweet honeycomb bars smothered in chocolate. After all these years, I’m still a fiercely loyal  devotee, give me a Violet Crumble any … Continue reading

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Simply Smashing!

Now this was too cute not to share. A belgian chocolate smash cake! My sister brought it around for my birthday last week, and this afternoon we took the hammer to it.  Have a look and see what was inside!

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