The Good Egg. Persian Feta Omelette With Lemon Zest and Mint.


There is nothing simpler or more delicious than a perfectly cooked omelette. Easy to prepare and ready with in minutes. My go to dish for breakfast or brunch and on occasion  my too-tired-to-cook weeknight dinner solution.

A beautifully cooked omelette is incredible.  The inside should be slightly underdone. Not runny. Silky and delicious. The outside soft and smooth. Barely coloured and decidedly not wrinkly.

Here is an omelette recipe that combines two of my favourite things. Farm fresh eggs and wonderfully creamy and soft marinated Persian feta. Freshened up with a sprinkling of lemon zest and mint at the very end. To make the flavours sing.

Persian Feta Omelette With Lemon Zest and Mint

Serves 1

3 eggs
a splash of  water
sea salt
½ tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
50 g Persian feta, cut into bite-size pieces
a handful of picked mint leaves, washed and torn into small pieces
a sprinkling of finely grated lemon zest
freshly ground black pepper

CRACK the eggs into a mixing bowl, then whisk until they are well mixed and slightly aerated.
WHISK in a splash of water and  a pinch of salt.
HEAT a skillet over medium heat for a few seconds, and then add the oil.
ADD the egg mixture to the pan and move it around with a flexible spatula, working from the outside edge to the centre to create folds as the egg cooks and firms.
DROP  feta on to the omelette.  Scatter with mint and lemon zest and season with a good grinding of pepper
FOLD the omelette in half. Cook for 1 minute more before sliding onto a plate. Serve.

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6 Responses to The Good Egg. Persian Feta Omelette With Lemon Zest and Mint.

  1. Sam says:

    This feta is the greatest! I find ways to have it with absolutely everything.

  2. health advocation says:

    yummy, sounds like a delicious breakfast meal. i love feta cheese!

  3. Georgina says:

    I always enjoy the combination of salty cheese with mint – and this omelette looks really, really good.

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