Eat, Fast And Live Longer. A 5-2 Fast Day Meal Idea Under 200 Calories. Banana Pancake Stack With Summer Stone Fruit.

Banana Pancake Stack With Greek Yoghurt and Summer Stone Fruit.

This morning I was greeted by a whole hand of bananas fully ripened by the summer heat. Sadly those stalwart and reliable bananas can’t compete with the glorious tumble of juicy stone fruit also sharing the fruit bowl on my kitchen bench. This summer we have well and truly been spoilt for choice with an abundance of perfectly sweet plums, peaches, apricots, and nectarines. My family is over banana smoothies and it’s far too hot to consider heating up the oven to make banana bread.  Not too long ago social media sites were littered with suggestions for pancakes made out of just two ingredients. Bananas and eggs. At first I was more than a little sceptical of the idea and dismissed them out of hand. How could they possibly compare to crepes and pancakes prepared the old fashioned way with eggs, milk, butter and flour? Now, I’m not to proud to say, with a vague idea of the process and an oversupply of ripe bananas that needed to be eaten in a hurry, I was ready to find out.

Pancakes have always been a regular and favourite fixture on our weekend breakfast menu. I’m happy to report this version was impossibly easy to make. For each peeled and sliced banana, I cracked two eggs, then blitzed them together in a blender until smooth. And there I had it. Pancake batter. Ready to be used as soon as my pan had been heated. No waiting for the starch in the batter to develop.  As there is no flour in the recipe, these pancakes are gluten free.

Some practical advice. The absence of flour as a binding agent also means that these pancakes are a little more delicate than most and can tear quite easily on flipping if not careful. The trick is to make smaller pancakes using a little more batter per pancake to compensate for the lack of flour.

For a photo perfect finish I spooned my batter into metal rings. Problem averted. Though I will admit each and every member of my family looked at the pancakes a little askance and asked why they looked so perfectly round. I’m not usually known for my presentation skills, particularly in the early mornings. No matter. These were delicious stacked high with layers of yoghurt and stone fruit.

The next question asked was “Is this one of your fast day recipes?”.  At first it wasn’t intended to be, but a quick look at the calorie count of the ingredients used, it most definitely can be. Each Banana Pancake Stack With Summer Stone Fruit comes in at just under 200 calories. A perfect 5-2 fast day breakfast or brunch offering.

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Banana Pancake Stack With Summer Stone Fruit
Makes approximately 6 small pancakes or 2 stacks
Serves 2 (199 calories per serve)

For The Pancakes
1 medium sized  ripe banana (105 calories)
2 eggs (150 calories)
1 teaspoon butter, for greasing (34 calories)

For  The Topping
1 small peach, thinly sliced (50 calories)
1 small plum, thinly sliced (30 calories)
2 tablespoons plain Greek yoghurt (30 calories)

ADD the banana and egg in a blender and process until smooth.
MELT the butter and use it to brush the inside of four metal egg or food presentation rings. HEAT a large frying pan on a medium-low heat and lightly grease the pan. Put the rings flat into the pan and ladle two generous tablespoons of batter ( about 1/8 of a cup) into each.
COOK until mixture bubbles, and small holes form on the surface, about 3 minutes
REMOVE rings, flip over pancakes  and cook until light golden, about a minute. Keep warm while you repeat with remaining batter.

To Assemble
SET two plates out on the kitchen bench.
PLACE a pancake on the centre of each plate. Spread over  a teaspoon of yoghurt and arrange a few plum slices on top.
CONTINUE to layer with another pancake, teaspoon of yoghurt and a few peach slices.
TO FINISH top with another pancake, a dollop of yoghurt and a slice each of plum and peach.

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13 Responses to Eat, Fast And Live Longer. A 5-2 Fast Day Meal Idea Under 200 Calories. Banana Pancake Stack With Summer Stone Fruit.

  1. Rörschåch says:

    Love these. Very clever to make them with only the bananas and eggs. Really like this idea. Now to put my thinking cap on.

  2. Vinny Grette says:

    Does it taste like banana omelet? It looks marvelous. Gotta give it a try 🙂

  3. saucygander says:

    Good idea, and a healthy treat too!

  4. Jodie says:

    Wow they are impressive. I can’t wait to try them. Thanks for sharing.

  5. janina says:

    This sounds and looks absolutely delicious! As I don’t cook, would you mind if I gave the link to this post to a cook at a local café who really doesn’t know how to make delicious moist pancakes? I eat there regularly and would like him to learn. Thanks!

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