Eat, Fast and Live Longer. 5-2 Diet Recipe Ideas Under 400 Calories.

Here is the fourth instalment of my 5-2 diet recipe ideas by calorie count category. Each image in the picture gallery represents a recipe that carries an energy count between 300 and 400 calories per serve.

Given the only meal I have made on a fast day over 400 calories is Pot Roast Pork Scotch Fillet at 403 calories per serve, the last post in this series will now become Eat, Fast and Live Longer. Putting It All Together For Under 500 Calories a Day. I’m hoping it will serve as a useful and timely reminder of everything I have learnt about the 5-2 eating plan over the last six months. Particularly so as I have used the excuse of school holidays to have an extended break from the diet over these last few weeks.

These latest recipes represent more substantial meals than those outlined in my previous posts:

Eat, Fast and Live Longer. 5-2 Diet Recipe Ideas Under 100 Calories.

Eat Fast And Live Longer. 5-2 Diet Recipe Ideas Under 200 Calories.

Eat, Fast and Live Longer. 5-2 Diet Recipe Ideas Under 300 Calories.

Over time as my body adjusted to the pattern of  fasting on two non consecutive days a week I found I was able to comfortably get through my day with just a very light meal at noon and a more substantial dinner in the early evening. The key was to stay well hydrated with copious glasses of water or cups of herbal tea.  Many of the recipes in this category, such as the Fast Day Butter Chicken Curry  and Slow Baked Chermoula Salmon have become firm favourites that my whole family enjoys and on occasion will request on non fast days. Personally, I have found that teaming a more substantial dinner option under 400 calories with a lighter snack (a single baked egg or smoothie) works best for me. It also better replicates the idea of fasting than two or three mini meals through the day.

As in my previous posts hover over each image for a recipe description and associated calorie count. Clicking on an image will take you to a picture carousel which includes a link back to the original blog post and recipe.

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