The 5-2 Challenge. The Beauty of Delayed Gratification. Seared Marinated Rump Steak

Marinated and Griddled Rump Steak

Yesterday might have been a fast day but I was craving steak. Or more specifically, a juicy, full of flavour rump steak. Marinated, griddled whole, rested and sliced on the diagonal into ribbons. Mouthwateringly good. It is no coincidence that I just happened to have two magnificent pieces of rump steak begging to be eaten in my refrigerator. And this is why I love the 5-2 diet so.  The beauty of delayed gratification. With a little forward planning I could have my steak and eat it too.

Fortunately, now that I am well into my fourth month of this eating plan, I’m well used to keeping my hunger pangs at bay. So it doesn’t phase me in the least that I won’t have anything to eat until dinner time. The anticipation of that rump steak served with a simple side salad keeps me honest. Sustained throughout the day by nothing more than a skim cappuccino for lunch and a couple of mugs of black tea. The beauty of this diet is today in theory I can eat whatever I please. Strangely, as has been the case on so many of my feast days following a fast day I am not hungry in the least.

Seared Marinated Rump Steak
Serves 4 (400 calories per serve)

2 x 400g  rump steaks, trimmed of fat (1400 calories)
1 tablespoon olive oil (120 calories)
75ml red wine (60 calories)
2 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce (12 calories)
2 cloves garlic, crushed (8 calories)
1 teaspoon dried chilli flakes (3 calories)
a good grinding of fresh black pepper

PLACE rump steaks in a shallow, non reactive dish.
IN A JUG prepare the marinade. Whisk together olive oil, red wine, Worcestershire sauce, chilli and garlic.
POUR the marinade over the steaks. Cover and place in the refrigerator for a few hours, preferably, overnight.
HALF an hour before you are ready to cook the steaks, remove them from the refrigerator and bring them to room temperature.
HEAT a heavy ridged griddle pan on high. Remove the steaks from the marinade and pat dry with kitchen paper towels. Season with a good grinding of black pepper.
SEAR steaks, one at a time, in hot griddle pan, 3 minutes each side.
ALLOW to rest, covered for 5 minutes before using your sharpest knife to diagonally cut each steak into thin slices.
TRANSFER to a platter and serve with a simple side salad.

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