The Simplicity of Christmas. Fresh from the Farmgate. Cherries and a Bowl of Eggs


Its always the simplest gestures that  bring a smile to my face. Amidst the frenetic madness of this past week I came home to a wonderful surprise. More fabulous farm fresh eggs from Pat’s chooks and a box of just picked plump, sweet, juicy, ruby red cherries.

Christmas is synonymous with cherries here in Australia. The season may be short but the cherries very sweet. Pat and Gil hail from Young. The cherry capital of Australia. These cherries were freshly picked from the tree. The eggs? Fantastic as always. Laid by very happy girls.

From the farm gate to the city in less than twenty four hours. Freshly poached eggs and a bowl of cherries for breakfast. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

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2 Responses to The Simplicity of Christmas. Fresh from the Farmgate. Cherries and a Bowl of Eggs

  1. Every time we step into our garden we are rewarded with more discoveries – flowers and plants we didn’t know we had (we only arrived here in late February). Late yesterday we wandered up to our rather neglected orchard…we lost count of the number of apple trees revealing little globes of green and dusky red. Burgeoning pears; little speckled globes just pushing out. So many peaches, nectarines and plums. But the great surprise: a fabulous cherry tree hidden in the nectarines.

    Now, I am loathe to admit that I have never seen a cherry tree before. Not in memory, anyway – I know my parents took me to Young when I was little. We stood under the cherry tree, hesitantly contemplating the fruit. Was it OK to pick yet? Then we started: several handfuls later we had sticky smiles and full tummies. Our daughter has just been for a little visit there today and came back with the same smile on her face.

    • How fantastic! A hidden orchard! Lucky, lucky you. I’m so jealous. Young had a bumper harvest this year. I’m off to Canberra next week and I know my parents trees are laden with fruit.

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