Shrove Tuesday. Feasting With Pancakes. Three Ways. Crêpes, Galettes and Blintzes.

Cheese Blintz

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  1. Edna says:

    These were amazing. My sstier and I made two different versions (double batch of crepes). In the first version I switched the lemon zest for a little bit of maple extract (I tried using maple syrup but you could hardly taste the maple and it made the mix terribly runny). I added a little of the cream mix my sstier made and a tablespoon or 2 of my maple mix. Once they were baked I topped them with maple syrup and pecans. The second version was with rasp. pie filling and cream filling(we had run out of ricotta at this point so my sstier subbed cottage cheese that she drained and mixed with a stick blender to make it less chunky). She left out the lemon and added a little vanilla extract. Then, she put pie filling inside with the cream mix and topped the blintzes with more rasp. once they were cooked.Everyone loved both versions and all but two blintzes were devoured. Thanks for the recipe Chef John, this recipe is definitely a keeper.

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