The 5-2 Challenge. How To Build Your Own Skinny Stir-Fry. My Version? Stir Fried Chicken With Red Capsicum, Broccolini and Chilli Jam.

Stir Fry Fast Day

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2 Responses to Stir Fry Fast Day

  1. Bee says:

    thank you SO much for your generosity in sharing all this information. I want to start the 5:2 diet, but found it daunting as i’ve never counted calories before. You have shown me how and where to start, given me delicious recipes to guide me, and supplied the inspiration and confidence I needed!
    When I’ve lowered my cholesterol and found my waist i shall salute you. 🙂 thepaddingtonfoodie ROCKS!

    • Thank you. I’m in the process of sorting through my 200-300 calorie recipe ideas for the 5-2 diet and hope to have that ready for posting this week. Some of these recipes have become such favourites that I like to eat them again and again, rather than come up with anything new.

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